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Institut De Rythmologie Et Modelisation Cardiaque
Light Up Your Heart


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On 15 December, Liryc researchers took part in the Ancre 2022 Prize, financed by the ANCRE association, a loyal sponsor of the Institute. Congratulations to Estelle Renard and Vladimir Sobota, the two winners of this ceremony, who were rewarded for their ability to popularise their scientific project in 180 seconds

A big thank you to ANCRE, represented by Jean-François Debrois, president of the association, for this gesture of encouragement and support for the work of young researchers fighting against heart rhythm diseases.

“Thank you to all of you, whose work has saved, is saving and will continue to save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. Your research, your work and your discoveries are full of passion and are at the heart of ANCRE’s commitment to continue supporting Liryc.”