Light Up Your Heart

The campaign team




Frédéric Duponchel is the Co-founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Accuracy, an international independent financial consulting firm and a major donor of Liryc Institute.

dr hocini (5)

Dr Mélèze Hocini

Dr Mélèze Hocini is a lecturer at the University of Bordeaux and a cardiologist at the Cardiac Rhythm Management and Cardiac Pacing Unit of the Bordeaux University Hospital. In 2010, she joined the team involved in creating the Liryc research institute, of which she is now Deputy Director.

laura bailey copie

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey gave her husband Mark, who suffered from atrial fibrillation, unwavering support in the course of his treatment. Today, Laura is actively helping to advance research and innovation in cardiac rhythm management.

laura bailey

Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey is an American patient who suffered from persistent arrhythmia and was treated by the doctors at the Liryc Institute. After being saved by the Institute, Mark and his wife Laura decided to support Liryc Institute by becoming major donors.

comité jeanson francoise

Françoise Jeanson

Françoise Jeanson is Regional Health Advisor for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, a founding member of the institute and a major source of institutional backing.


Jean-Paul Cales

Jean-Paul Cales is the founder of Cap Ingelec, a company that ranks among the top three engineering firms in France. Cap Ingelec is a major donor of Liryc Institute.

comité bernardmagrez ter rvb

Bernard Magrez

Bernard Magrez owns some of France’s larger wine estates, including Château La Tour Carnet and Château Pape Clément. He is a philanthropist and a major donor of Liryc Institute.

m. prikazsky

Marc Prikazsky

Marc Prikazsky is CEO of Ceva Santé Animale, the 5th largest veterinary laboratory in the world and a major patron of Liryc.

brigitte at eagle club

Brigitte Speckmaier

Brigitte Speckmaier is Director in charge of Development for the Electrophysiology Division of Boston Scientific for the EMEA region. She represents Boston Scientific as a major donor of Liryc Institute.