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On Thursday, June 8, some 120 employees of Ceva Santé Animale, a loyal donor of the institute, learned about heart rhythm disorders and how to prevent them ✔️

Ceva, the 5th largest animal health company in the world, and 1st in France, welcomed Liryc during an HSE week as part of a day dedicated to health and quality of life.

On the program:

🔹 Introduction to life-saving techniques with the Choquez-Nous association: learning first-aid techniques such as recognizing cardio-respiratory arrest, practicing cardiac massage and using a defibrillator ;

🔹 Immersion workshops at the heart of cardiac rhythm diseases;

🔹 Exchanges and cross-views around a shared conviction – Onehealth, une seule santé.

This initiative is part of the sponsorship forged between Ceva Santé Animale and Liryc, strengthening synergies between the company’s employees and the institute’s researchers.